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We understand the importance of knowledge and experience in managing the risks around investments. With an extensive and deep industry experience across both investments and operations, Probis Financial Services Limited is well equipped to assist you in navigating your way to a comfortable retirement.

Probis Financial Services Limited is a boutique Investment House offering a range of investment solutions designed to meet the needs of our clients with a primary focus to protect their wealth.
We specialise in fixed income assets and with funds under management for close to 5 years the continuity of return speaks for it self. Our investment committee brings close to 75years worth of investment experience. Our Managers are considered “go to” people for the industry.

If you are looking for a steady rate of return that beats industry performance benchmarks without the risk associated with equity or property markets then an allocation towards fixed income assets will provided a steady and protected income stream to help build your wealth.
Probis Financial Services Limited currently offers investments in Fixed Income via Probis Diversified Income Fund for wholesale clients only and, in the future, via our existing Registered Scheme to both retail and wholesale clients.

Fixed Income

Access the Fixed Income market via investments in corporate bonds. Australia’s bond market represents two thirds of the capitalisation of the listed Australian equity market with annual turnover of AUS$2.5 trillion turnover that is more than double the turnover of the listed equity market.
A change in Legislation has opened this market up to more investors. This increased accessibility is especially important for the trustees of Australia’s 600,000 self-managed superannuation fund, who control A$700 billion in assets, a significant portion of which is currently sitting in cash accounts.

Why Invest in Bond Market

Investing in the Fixed Income market bring plenty of benefits to any portfolio some of these include:

    Capital preservation

  • Bonds return capital at maturity and provide a known level of income which is usually higher than that delivered by term deposits. This makes bonds appealing to investors who do not want to risk losing capital, such as retirees and those who are saving to meet a future liability (such as a deposit on a home purchase). With equity investments, there is no certainty that your capital will be preserved.


  • Most bond issuers commit to providing investors with a ‘fixed’ level of income at regular intervals (quarterly, twice yearly or annually) over the term of the bond. This is why investments in Bonds are sometimes called Fixed Income investments. In contrast to equity investments, which pay smaller, variable and discretionary income Fixed income investments pay a fixed predetermined amount.


  • Equity and bond market returns generally have an inverse relationship, i.e. bonds tend to rise in value when equities fall. Consequently, diversifying an investment portfolio’s exposures by including bonds can significantly reduce the risk and enhance the return of the portfolio.

    Capital appreciation

  • Bond prices can rise for several reasons, including a reduction in interest rates and an improvement in the credit standing of the issuer. A well-managed, high quality bond portfolio can appreciate in value over time and deliver total returns (from income and capital appreciation) that compares favourably with, and can at times exceed, equity market returns.

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