Algo Trade

Algo Trade, an algorithmic transaction, also called automatic trading, black box trading, or machine trading, uses an electronic platform to enter transaction instructions involving calculus in order to execute a predetermined trading strategy. The algorithm contains many variables, including time, price, volume of trade, or in many cases, by "robot", without manual intervention. Algorithmic transactions are widely used in investment banks, pension funds, mutual funds, and other buyers institutional investors to divide large transactions into many small transactions to deal with market risks and shocks.

Algo Trade Kit

With the built-in algorithmic trading kit, Probis Auton allows traders to deploy existing trading strategies or script their own one in the terminal. Probis Auton is able to implement the related trading strategies to make the most rational investing decisions.
Algo User Guide Download

Back Testing

By comparing each trading strategy and its performance, traders can assess the accuracy of the strategy to analyze and improve it. With Probis Auton’s Trading Strategy Optimizer, you can develop a unique trading strategy that will work best for yourself.


  • The Algo program monitors in real time whether the price satisfies the trading conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to log into the trading system and execute the Algo program when using.
  • The Probis Auton will be forced to log out at the end of trading time at weekend. The Algo program will be also stopped at that time.
  • The maximum continuous operation of the Algo program is one week. If you need to continue to run, please re execute the Algo program on Monday.
  • In the case of the abnormal stop of the Algo program (except for the stop operation of the screen of Algo running), such as closing the Probis Auton (including the log off), using the "loading screen setting" and so on; closing the Windows system computer; when the Windows system crashes, the Algo program will also be stopped.